Uniform Fitting Week

Lakota West Band Room     July 31, August 1, 2

Following pre-camp rehearsals, we will be issuing uniforms, parkas and hats, and we will be measuring for shoes and gloves. It is important to issue the uniforms on these days because pictures will be taken early in the season, and all marchers must have a uniform assigned by that time. We also need to order the shoes and gloves so we can purchase and distribute them before the first football game. You must pay for shoes and gloves on or before your fitting day. Bring a check or your Paypal receiptWe will be issuing the uniforms by section according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, July 31

12:30 pm  – Percussion
1:30 pm – Trombones
2:30 pm – Flutes
3:00 pm – Sousaphones

Wednesday, August 1

12:30 pm – Alto Sax
1:30 pm – Tenor Sax
2:30 pm – Trumpets

Thursday, August 2        

12:30 pm – Baritones
1:00 pm – Clarinets
2:00 pm – Mellophones

Parents Your child must appear on his/her scheduled day!

Students – Because we will be issuing over 60 uniforms each day, you will need to arrive on time. We will move you through as quickly possible, but you will be trying on your uniform, hat and parka, and trying on and ordering shoes and gloves. Please wear shorts or boxers that will fit under your band pants. There are no dressing rooms! You will be changing in the band room with everyone else, just as you will during the marching band season. When you leave, you will take with you your assigned parka and hat, but the uniforms will remain in the band room.

Section Leaders – Please arrive 15 minutes before your section’s appointed time and be prepared to stay with your section to help them with their uniforms.

If you cannot come on your assigned day, or if you have any questions, please contact Lori Mickle at uniforms@lakotawestbands.org or 478-5438.  Volunteers are still needed for set up Monday and Tuesday morning 8am-? and for fitting days from 12-3pm (or as soon as you can get there).  If you can help contact Lori Mickle.