Uniform Fitting

Alumni:  If you have summer uniform parts you are willing to donate we could very much use them for “trades.” Especially shorts. Bring them to the band room any time 7/30-8/3. We’ll also take concert parts (bow ties, cummerbunds, dresses, etc.) for use as spares/trades.

Returning Marchers:  Please get your summer uniform out of the closet and make sure it still fits!  If it doesn’t, bring it with you to uniform fitting day to make a “trade” into one that fits.

Payment clarification:  Our new payment site is wonderful, but has caused some confusion. Please refer to the chart below for what to “prepay” for uniform fitting:

PREPAY:  Red polo, Shorts, Shoes, Belt, Beret, Gloves                                       1 Included/buy extras only:  Red bag,  Season Tshirt                                 DO NOT PREPAY:  Black Tshirts, Black Socks

Marchers are responsible to provide their own black socks and tshirts. The payment site is offered to provide the ability to pay for emergency supplies that have been provided to students before performances during the season, which would mean they were unprepared or dressed inappropriately. Any payments that have already been made for these items will be held as credit towards the Cedar Point trip.

Please use student account balances first to make uniform and trip payments if possible.  In order to be in compliance with IRS rules we need to bring these accounts to zero balances as soon as possible.