Lakota West Bands Update: May 28


This communication covers:

  • Upbeat Club May Meeting
  • Volunteering
  • Rookie Parent Information
  • Mini Camp
  • For the Calendar

Happy Memorial Day! Join us at the parade at 10am in West Chester to honor the men and women who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.
View the new 2018 parade route map and more details online:

CHARMS (Music Office Assistant is used for registration, email communication, purchases, marching band music, and more)

CHARMS is the Lakota West Band database that the directors use to keep record of all band students grades 9-12. It is also where you purchase some uniform pieces, download music and more. Please complete your registration as soon as possible.  Your student’s ID and email provided from the commitment form has been added, but now you need to update the rest of the account information. You can add multiple emails to your student’s account so everyone receives the same information sent by the Directors.  Please note, CHARMS will be down in early June for year end processing. We will post those dates on the website and calendar so everyone is aware.

Please go the CHARMS web page for a link to the database as well as the login instructions provided by Mr. Carr.

Upbeat Club Meeting May 30

Our May meeting was moved to May 30 at 7pm due to West Graduation. All parents and guardians of band students grades 7-12 are welcome to attend. Mr. Carr may start the meeting to answer any questions, and we will proceed with our regular meeting. Our financial information is available for previewing, because this meeting will include voting on the 2018-19 budget. For all Upbeat minutes, financial reports, budget  and more, please go to our Upbeat web page here.

Copies of the 2018 Handbook will be available at the meeting and also will be online.


Our Upbeat Club serves two purposes: raising funds, and providing service and support for all band activities. Both are equally important and critical to the success of the band program. Please consider volunteering your time, you won’t regret it!
For a list of volunteer positions and descriptions – click here.
See Parent Volunteers Page for most current information regarding openings and volunteer needs throughout the year.

Rookie Parent Information

If you did not make it to the New Parent Meeting on 5/16, here is a link to the document that was distributed and reviewed at the meeting.

Here are the top things to remember from the meeting:

  1. Complete your registration in CHARMS ASAP!
  2. Sign up for the email blasts from the website (like this one!) Click here to sign up.
  3. Sign up for the Remind group text. See instructions on web page.
  4. Final Forms are coming soon, pay close attention to deadlines as students cannot participate at July Band Camp until these are completed.
  5. Don’t use the calendar in CHARMS, use the one at
  6. If your band student has a question, please direct them to go to a member of the Leadership Team first.
  7. If you still have questions, email Mr. Carr at andrew.carr If it is a general question, email
  8. Sectionals – each section in the band will organize and conduct practices throughout the summer. While they are not mandatory like all band rehearsals are, attendance is strongly encouraged.
  9. There is a lot of music to memorize as a rookie. Be patient and do it in small chunks.
  10. There is an activity bus that goes from the freshman building to the high school every day once school starts. Your child MUST sign up each day they need to ride it. This is ideal for our Wednesday 3pm rehearsals at main campus.
  11. Band Camp must haves……64oz water jug, sunscreen, more sunscreen, sun glasses, flip folder, hat, bug spray and a positive attitude!

For more information on how to prepare and what to expect at band camp – see a Band Camp Survival Guide here. (Note, this is not an official communication from LW Bands, but many good ideas for new and old band members!).

Mini Camp May 29-30

The 2018 season starts Tuesday with Mini-Camp! Here is what you need to know:

  • At Freshman Building
  • Dinner is provided both days ( Tuesday – Chick-fil-A, Wednesday – Pizza)
  • The band will show parents what was learned at camp at 8:30pm at the Freshman field, weather permitting.
  • Do NOT park too close to the field, or to the Trucks. Not only is unloading and loading of instruments take place in the area surrounding the trucks, they also need to maneuver the trucks in and out as needed. Students are driving and parking in the area, and we want to always park in designated spots whenever possible, which is safest for all. This is true for both the freshman building and the main campus.
  • All volunteer spots are filled – THANK YOU!

For the Calendar

  • Link to calendar here
  • Monday May 28 – Memorial Day Parade, parade starts at 10. All information posted to band calendar.
  • Tuesday May 29 – Mini Camp from 1-9pm at Freshman Building
  • Wednesday May 30 –
    • Mini Camp from 1-9pm at Freshman Building
    • Upbeat meeting at 7pm in Freshman Bandroom
    • Parent Band Show at 8:30pm on Freshman Field
  • July 19 – Leadership Team Retreat
  • July 23 – Pre-Band Camp Starts!
  • July 29 – Skating Party at 7pm!