Marching Band Survey – for current members and parents


Hey Marching Band!

Thanks again for a great season.   For the purposes of us planning our next season (which is already underway!) I wanted to get feedback directly from the people involved.  I’d love to have input from every student and parent involved.   Even if you are graduating this year I’d like to know your feedback.  The survey will take less than 2 minutes.

Please answer this 5 question survey so that we can best serve the needs of our clientele going forward.   Since you have all been through this for a year or more:  understand a couple of things as you are answering.   We would all like to practice less and be more successful, spend less money but have more cool experiences.  However, you can’t have both- the correlation between practice time and competitive success is very strong.   Trips are awesome, but cost money and time.  Our staff will always try to be as efficient as possible, but there are always tradeoffs in this activity.  So as you are answering these questions think about what things are really important to you and weigh those choices logically so that I can use this info to best plan for the future.  If you think we have struck a good balance on these fronts, let me know that so we can keep doing things similar in the future.

 The fee of $200 is a district extra curricular fee that can’t be changed. 

Thanks again for everything you do and for helping me best serve the needs of our students.

Follow this link to the quick survey!