Contacts 2018-2019

Lakota West Upbeat Club, P.O. Box 1637, West Chester, OH 45071-1637

Directors and Staff
Lakota West Andy Carr | 513-874-5699, x10056
Freshman/Percussion Tom Racic | 513-874-8390
Jazz Studies Aaron Todahl
Plains Junior Phil Chumley | 513-644-1130, x11165
Ridge Junior Sherri Voytek | 513-777-0552, x14624
Color Guard Shelby Adkins
Tim Coady
Kayla DiLorenzo
Upbeat Club Executive Board 2018-19
President Candi Vance –
Co-President / Vice President Jen Daiker –
VP-Freshman Rebecca Yoby –
Treasurer Beth Dodson –
Secretary Julie Horn –
Upbeat Club Committee Chairs and Activity Leaders 2018-19 school year
Band Camp Coordinator(s) Jen Daiker and Kurt Stickler (2018-19)
Bus Chaperones Monique Penney (2018-19)
Calendar Barb Warne (2018-19)
Communications Barb Warne  513-255-1415 (2018-19)
Concert Programs Open TBD if needed
Jazz ‘n Cakes – Event Lead Deb Pizzuco
Jazz ‘n Cakes Baskets on Main Street
Jazz ‘n Cakes Vendors on Main Street Michelle Guinigundo
Mattress Sale Stephen Johnson (2018-19)
Photographers Shirley Lam (2018-19)
Pit Crew Dave Daiker (2018-19)
Publicity and Social Media Barb WarneDebbie Pizzuco (2018-19)
Solo & Ensemble Todd and Rebecca Yoby (2018-19)
Solo & Ensemble Concessions Candi Vance (2018-19)
Spirit Wear Sandra Shirk  (2018-19)
Split the Pot Erica Nichols (2018-19)
Sponsorship Kevin Moorman (2018-19)-
Swing Dance Cindy Merk  and Candi Vance (2018-19)
Tag Day Lisa Vaillancourt and __________ for 2018-19 (requires two positions)
Taste of Music / Uno’s Dough Raiser Jennifer Lindner /Stephanie Christian (2018-19)
Tech Support Dave Daiker (2018-19)/co-position tbd
Third Quarter Refreshments Shannon Gleason, Eulana Dent (2018-19)
Try Band Barb Warne (2018-19) / needs co-lead for 2018-19
Uniforms – Concert Katie Smith and Kelly Reilman (2018-19)
Uniforms – Marching Band Amy Koenes  and Jen Best (2018-19)
Website Barb Warne and Dave Daiker (2018-19)
For list of open lead positions for 2019-20 band season- click on this link

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