Lakota West Upbeat Club, P.O. Box 1637, West Chester, OH 45071-1637

Directors and Staff
Lakota West Andy Carr | 513-874-5699, x10056
Freshman/Percussion Tom Racic | 513-874-8390
Jazz Studies Alan Nordyke | 513-874-5699
Plains Junior Phil Chumley | 513-644-1130, x11165
Ridge Junior Sherri Voytek | 513-777-0552, x14624
Color Guard Shelby Klamert
Tim Coady
Kayla DiLorenzo
Upbeat Club Executive Board
President Dawn DiLorenzo | 513-478-6332
Vice President Kevin Moorman
VP – Freshman Allison Reder
Treasurer Jodie Barnes
Secretary Leslie Twardowski
Upbeat Club Committee Chairs
Communications Barb Warne  | 513- 255-1415
Marching Band Uniforms Keri Rampton
Concert Uniforms Gretchen Santucci and Patricia Scott
Activity Leaders
Band Camp Coordinator(s) Jenny Bishop and Jen Daiker
Band Camp Nurses Gretchen Eckerle, Tricia Lambright and Lisa Moorman
Bus Chaperones Open
Calendar Barb Warne
Concert Programs Dave Daiker
Jazz ‘n Cakes Open
Kroger Cards Brandy Dale
Main Street Baskets for Jazz ‘n Cakes Kevin Moorman
Main Street Vendors for Jazz ‘n Cakes Open
Mattress Sale Susan Timberlin
Photographers Patricia Scott
Pit Crew Dave Scott
Publicity and Social Media Barb Warne, Debbie Pizzuco
Solo & Ensemble Birgit and Mike Aaron
Spirit Wear Rachel Butler and Michelle Koziel
Split the Pot Dawn Harvey
Swing Dance Cindy Merk
Tag Day Dawn Werner
Taste for Music Gretchen Eckerle
Tech Support Dave Daiker
Third Quarter Refreshments Susan Taylor
Try Band Barb Warne
Video Crew/DVD Mark Geoghegan
Website Barb Warne


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