Band Camp Registration

Register here to become a member of the 2013/2014 Marching Firebirds!

Please follow these two steps to complete your registration by January 15, 2013:

  1. Fill out the registration form below.  Please note that fields marked with * are absolutely required — but we ask that you complete as much of the form as possible.  This will be valuable contact information during the marching season.
  2. Pay your non-refundable deposit of $150.  You can make payment on our website by credit card through our secure PayPal account. If you have your own free PayPal account (not required), you can also make payment directly from your checking account.

The overall cost for Band Camp and general fees due to the Upbeat club is $185.  This registration form and a non-refundable deposit of $150 are due by January 15th.  Final payment will be due by July 28th.  Registration after January 15th may incur a $50 late fee as we need students to commit to the marching band so that uniforms can be ordered and plans can be finalized for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Starting with the 2013 marching season, the Lakota school district will be charging a $365 marching band participation fee.  We expect district fees to be applied to your “student school fees” some time in late August.  Any amount in your band camp account >$185 on July 4th will be credited toward your district fee this year.  Student fees are expected to be paid in full when they are posted to your account.  If you are unable to pay your student fees in full when posted, you will need to contact Mr. Snyder and Mr. Elgin Card (principal) to make arrangements for a payment plan.  CLICK HERE for a payment plan document.  Athletic participation fees follow the same 3 payment plan.  Failure to stay current with a payment plan will result in the inability to participate in marching events (being an alternate at games/competitions) until payments are made current.

Please note that there are additional costs for summer uniforms ($35), shoes ($30), gloves ($4), color guard uniforms (roughly $150).  Students buy and keep these items. *(The Band and Guard Fees page will be updated once the cost for the summer uniforms, sousa berets and colorguard uniforms have been finalized.)  All fees must be paid in order to participate.  All monies collected will be applied to participation fees before trip fees.  It is district policy not to “prorate” fees for any reason.

          Click here for an aid on How to use Charms to make payments and How to make (multiple) payments easily


For additional information about Band Camp, contact

  • Enter the student's grade during the fall Marching Band season.
  • Enter all zeros if there is no student cell phone. This information will be needed for the Macy's trip.
  • Please complete information for parents below. If there is just one parent or guardian, complete the information for the Mother/Adult 1. You'll be able to change the relationship status in Charms, our band management system, after you receive login information.
  • Enter Address if different than Student's Address.
  • Enter Address if different than Student's Address.



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