Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple

20% of all Tastefully Simple orders
at the website link below
will be donated to the Lakota West Upbeat Club
to benefit the Lakota West Bands operating budget.

Tastefully Simple offers a wide variety of soups, breads, dips, entrees, desserts and even drinks. Every Tastefully Simple product requires no more than two additional ingredients to prepare. This means you’ll spend more time enjoying your food and less time preparing it.

Ready to place your order?

Click HERE to shop online.   Your products will arrive via UPS in about a week! If you have any questions or prefer to shop by catalog, simply contact Bill Hertz at bhertz@cinci.rr.com.

The Lakota West Upbeat Club will receive 20% of all orders. Please share this link with your friends and family and encourage them to take part in this year round Tastefully Simple Fundraising opportunity for the Upbeat Club!

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