2014 – 2015 School Year

Marching Firebirds – “Best of West”


  • Hamilton High School “Band-O-Rama” – September 27, 2014
  • Class AA Results:

    1st Place Class AA:  Lakota West (Superior Rating)

    Best Auxiliary:  Lakota West

    Best Percussion:  Lakota West

    Overall Results:

    Best Percussion:  Lakota West

    Best Auxiliary:  Lakota West

    Best Music: Lakota West

    Best General Effect: Lakota West

    Best Visual Effect:  Lakota West

    Grand Champion: Lakota West (4th Consecutive Band-O-Rama Grand Champion)

  • Kettering Competition at Kettering High School – October 4, 2014
  • Class AA Results:

    1st Place Class AA: Lakota West  (Superior Rating)

    Best Percussion:  Lakota West

    Best Auxiliary:  Lakota West

    Overall Results:

    Outstanding General Effect: Lakota West

    Outstanding Visual: Lakota West

    Outstanding Music Performance:  Lakota West

    Grand Champion: Lakota West

  • Buckeye Invitational at The Ohio State University – October 11, 2014
  • Class AA Results:

    1st Place Class AA: Lakota West (Superior Rating)

    Overall Results:

    Best Auxillary: Lakota West

    Best Music:  Lakota West

    Best General Effect:  Lakota West

    (No Grand Champion named at Buckeye Invitational, but Lakota West received HIGHEST score of all bands in attendance)


  • Shawnee March-O-Rama at Shawnee High School – October 25, 2014
  • Class AA Results:

    1st Place Class AA: Lakota West

    Outstanding Auxiliary: Lakota West (tied)

    Outstanding General Effect: Lakota West

    Overall Results:

    Grand Champion Class A/AA:  Lakota West



  • OMEA State Marching Band Contest

Superior I Rating


  • Marching Firebirds Award Winners

Dan Kenworthy Scholarship Award:  Erik Ellison
Outstanding Senior Woodwind Marcher:  Rachel Freyburg
Outstanding Senior Brass Marcher:  Melanie Rampton
Outstanding Senior Percussion:  Sam Burgett
Outstanding Senior Guard Member:  Sam Shaw
Outstanding Junior Woodwind:  Dishon Nordgren
Outstanding Junior  Brass:  Charlie Gately
Outstanding Junior  Percussion:  Morgan Davis
Outstanding Junior Guard Member:  Molly Burch
Outstanding Sophomore Woodwind Marcher:  Faith Ann Santucci
Outstanding Sophomore Brass Marcher:  Emma Rednour
Outstanding Sophomore Percussion:  Raymond Butler
Outstanding Sophomore Guard Member:  Annie Engel
Outstanding Freshman Woodwind Marcher:  Sophia Kimble
Outstanding Freshman Brass Marcher:  Matt Aaron
Outstanding Freshman Percussion:  Jackson Law
Outstanding Freshman Guard Member:  Kalia Marcelle

Concert Bands

  • OMEA State Large Group Event,

Symphonic Winds (Class AA) –
White Symphonic Band (Class A) –
Red Symphonic Band (Class A) -

  • OMEA District 13 Large Group Event

Symphonic Winds (Class AA) –
Red Symphonic Band (Class A) –
White Symphonic Band (Class A) –  
Freshman 1st Period Band (Class C) –
Freshman 2nd Period Band (Class C) -

  • Senior Award Winners

John Philip Sousa –
Senior Concerto –
Semper Fi –
Louis Armstrong Award –
Bill Weatherwax Scholarship –


OMEA All-State Instrumentalists
14 Lakota West Band Members

Emily Aaron – Bassoon

Katie Carson – Trombone

Alec Drach – Bassoon

Jenna Eagle – Bass Clarinet

Charley Gately – Trombone

Nick Harvey – Trombone

Erik Ellison – French Horn

Spencer Merk – Trombone

Evelyn Profitt – Trombone

Jay Pullyblank – French Horn

Melanie Rampton – Trumpet

Michael Siegert – Bass Clarinet

James Smith – Trombone

John Trygier – Percussion

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