(Immediate) Volunteer needs

The Upbeat club has some immediate  volunteer needs.  The most urgent and critical is for Band Nurse(s).  We should have 2-3 of these in order to spread the work load.  This is the description of the need:

Band Nurse:  Travel with the band (band camp, competitions, trips) to provide general first aid. Dispensing of medication is only an included duty if you are also a Lakota employee or on the licensed substitute list AND take a training class.  (It is not difficult, but requires processing to become a sub) We need “medication dispensers” as well as “nurses,” you can be (or become) both (ideal).

We also have needs for an additional Jazz Dance Coordinator and an Assistant WebMaster.  The full description of these positions will be posted to the website under “Upbeat” later this week.  You can contact the current volunteers for more information about the duties if you have questions.

If you are interested in any of these positions please email  president@lakotawestbands.org