New “Fees and Uniform Items” page (no more Miscellaneous!)

No more using MISCELLANEOUS payments and itemizing your uniform parts in the description field!  Use the new “Fees and Uniform Items” drop down under Finances to select and pay for your concert and marching band uniform parts.

Click the drop down arrow in each section to see the full menu of uniform parts and prices, click on an item to make a selection, enter your student’s name, and select “add to cart.”  Once the item is in your “cart” the quantity can be increased.  To choose more items select “continue shopping” to go back to the uniform/price menu and repeat the process.  When you are done shopping select “check out” to make payment.  Remember to print your receipt and bring it with you when you pick up your items (uniform fitting day*).  Remember, this is a PAYMENT system, not an ordering system.  Order your uniform parts through Lori Mickle or a member of the uniform committee.

Click here to go to the uniform payment page.  Checks are also accepted for payment.  Please bring them in person at uniform fitting day*.

* The details of uniform fitting week will be sent out in separate posting with information about band camp later this week.