The school administration has made a change to the medication policy.  As a result of this change:

  • NO MEDICATIONS will be dispensed to students at school during band camp or at any of our activities this season, with the exception of the Cedar Point overnight trip.
  • Any medications required will need to be taken at home before or after camp, rehearsals, or performances.
  • Any medication needs that arise during camp will require a trip home or a parent dispensing at school.
  • Inhalers, epi pens, and other qualified self-administered drugs to prevent life threatening conditions will be allowed with the proper paperwork.  Click the links to access the forms.

The Upbeat club was informed of this change on Thursday night, 7/26. Upon receiving this information we have had to make the following changes to our procedures for processing medical information on Monday 7/30, the first day of pre camp:

  • We still require Emergency Medical forms from EVERY student, turn in Monday
  • Forms are required to carry Inhalers, Epi pens, and other self-administered drugs to prevent life threatening conditions, student are responsible for their own medications, turn in forms Monday
  • Forms are required for regular prescriptions and OTC drugs for OVER NIGHT trips (Cedar Point, Branson), we will accept these forms Monday and put them on file for future use. All medical forms are good for 1 school year.
  • DO NOT BRING ANY MEDICATIONS that are not self-administered to prevent life threatening conditions to pre camp on Monday.

If you have any questions about the medication policy, please contact the school administration. We are sorry for the confusion and for any inconvenience this may have caused your family.