Lakota West Bands Update: August 11


A communication of the Lakota West Upbeat Club and Directors:

Band Picture Day 8/14

Our band picture in the stands will be taken on 8/14 at 10am at main campus. Individual pictures are optional. Purchase of individual or the group picture is optional. Here is a link to the  image of the form to be given to the students on Monday.

Form Information

Forms will be handed out to students Monday 8/13 at end of 5pm rehearsal.
If you wish to take an individual picture – you MUST bring the form with you on Tuesday.
If you wish to only order the group photo – you MUST bring the form with you on Tuesday.
If you do not wish to order any pictures – you do NOT need to bring the form with you on Tuesday.
If you are unsure and want to see the individual proof before you decide, you MUST bring the form with you on Tuesday.

Process for Tuesday

Group photo taken first at 10am at field at main campus.
Individuals pictures are taken after group photo, so all students not taking individual photos may leave the field.

Ordering and Payment Process for students ordering individual and/or group photo

Bring form on Tuesday with payment of check or cash, or code showing you paid online

  • To pay online, go to and use Picture day ID: JC048226R0.
    • Note – the group listed will be Lakota West High School. You will not see band anywhere, but the date of 8/14 tells you it is the correct code.
    • Note – this accepts your payment but does not tell Lifetouch which package or option was ordered. That part HAS to be completed on form and turned in Tuesday so they can match up payment to student.
  • If you have form but no payment on Tuesday, call Lifetouch at 577-7587 BY NOON on WEDNESAY 8/15 to provide credit card info if you want to have your order included with the initial large order. If you call after Wednesday, that is fine, but you will have a delay and possible shipping fees.

Questions? Call Lifetouch main number at 772-2110.