Lakota West Bands Update: October 15


A communication of the Lakota West Upbeat Club and Directors:

This communication covers:

  • Upbeat Club Meeting
  • Lakota West Band Business Boosters
  • Sponsorship Team
  • Taste for Music
  • BOA Indy Competition Trip
  • Decals for Sale
  • Calendar

Upbeat Meeting October 18

All parents and guardians of band students grades 7-12 are welcome to attend! Meeting will start at 6:30pm at the Freshman Building in the band room. If you have questions for the Board or need to meet with them, they will be available at 6pm. Come out to see what is ahead and get your questions answered. For all Upbeat minutes, financial reports, budget  and more, please go to our Upbeat web page here.

LWBBB Meeting October 18

Lakota West Band Business Boosters (LWBBB) was formed as a way for band parents who are also local business owners to support and promote the band.  The LWBBB holds monthly breakfast meetings at 8 am at the First Watch Union Centre Boulevard location on the morning of our Upbeat Club meetings (3rd Thursday of the month).  For more information, contact Kevin Moorman at 604-2997.

Sponsorship Team forming

The Lakota West Upbeat Club is developing a new corporate sponsorship program for 2018.  Local businesses will have the opportunity support the band in exchange for advertising on our concert program, website, and/or truck.  We’re looking for a few volunteers (ideally parents of freshmen and sophomores) to help build the program.  If you have a knack for graphic design, we’d love to have your help putting together our concert program for the year.  Local business owners with fundraising experience or community contacts would be a great help soliciting sponsors and designing the structure of the program.  Finally, if your business would be interested in sponsoring in the band, please contact us at Some of the items this group may work on include concert programs, solo & ensemble guide, potential truck wrap, senior pic keepsake, bannars, Jazz n’ Cakes placemat, video,  and program, and sponsorship promotional materials. This team would work closely with the Upbeat co-presidents and communications lead.

Taste for Music

Plan a meeting or get-together and help support the band!

BOA Super Regionals Indy Trip 10/19-21

See trip page here

  • Updated Itinerary is on trip page and is same that was handed out at parent meeting last week.
  • All students (9-12) attend their first two bells, then are released. List of students will be given to office to excuse absence. No notification from parent needed.
  • Freshman will be bused to Main Campus to join the rest of the students.
  • All students can drop off red bag in their respective band rooms in the morning before zero or first bells.
  • Note deposit of $200 is due now, payable through EZPAY, or via check to Lakota West High School and given to bursar at High School
  • Remember video or audio recording of any performance is prohibited at BOA events

Decals for Sale!

Hot off the press! New decals for car windows, water mugs, notebooks or anything that needs some LW Band swag! See Deb Pizzuco at the Upbeat meeting this week or in the stands after the meeting. $5.00/ea and accepting cash or check only.

For the Calendar (use link to calendar – it is where you’ll find the most up to date information)

  • Link to calendar here
  • Monday 10/15
    • No School!
    • Band rehearsal is ON at 6:30pm – 9pm and now at Freshman Building
  • Tuesday 10/16
    • Uno Taste for Music from 11am – 9pm
  • Wednesday 10/17
    • 3-5:30pm rehearsal in West Parking Lot
  • Thursday 10/18
    • 8am LWBBB Breakfast meeting at First Watch
    • 6:30pm – Upbeat meeting in Freshman Band Room
    • 6:30-9pm rehearsal at Freshman Campus
  • Friday 10/19
    • Leave for BOA Super Regionals!
  • Saturday 10/20
    • Perform at 11am at BOA Super Regionals!
  • Sunday 10/21
    • Return from BOA Super Regionals!
  • Monday 10/22
    • 6:30-9pm rehearsal at West Campus
  • Wednesday 10/24
    • 3-5:30pm rehearsal in West Parking Lot
  • Thursday 10/25
    • 6:30-9pm rehearsal at Freshman Campus
  • Friday 10/26
    • LAST Home Football Game
  • Monday 10/29
    • 6:30-9pm rehearsal at West Campus
  • Wednesday 10/30
    • 3-5:30pm rehearsal in West Parking Lot
  • Thursday 11/1
    • 6:30-9pm rehearsal at Freshman Campus
  • Saturday 11/3
    • LAST Band Competition in Mason
  • Tuesday 11/6
    • No School
  • Thursday 11/8
    • Marching Band Concert in Main Campus Gym

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