Lakota West Bands Update: December 31


Jazz ‘n Cakes Planning Meetings

  • Planning Meetings have started!
    • Be a part of this year’s Jazz ‘n Cakes event crew!  We’re looking for volunteers to help plan this year’s Jazz ‘n Cakes on Saturday, March 30th .  Jazz ‘n Cakes is the band’s second largest fundraiser and proceeds support not just jazz band, but all concert bands, marching band, and colorguard.  Get involved in the overall event planning, or you can lead or join a team to coordinate ticket sales, advertising, the basket raffle, or coordinate day-of-event activities.  Our first meeting will be Wednesday, January 2nd at the West Chester MidPointe Library in room C at 7 pm.  We always have a great group of fun band parents (and grandparents) and would love to have you join us.
  • Basket Lead Position Open
    • Send solicitation letters for basket donations. Request donations of baskets to use in assembly from our membership. Order basket assembly supplies (bags, ribbon, grass) and begin gathering “filler’ items from garage sales, after holiday sales, dollar store. Begin going door to door for additional donations. Lead team to fill baskets, as well as bid and buy. Set up market street on day of event. Arrange for basket pickup.
  • Market Street Vendor Lead Position Open
    • Solicit, sign up and confirm vendors for Market Street. Arrange for the required number of tables for Market Street.
  • Please contact with any questions.