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Lakota West Bands Update: Sept 5

A Communication of the Lakota West Upbeat Club

This communication covers:

Taste for Music at Canes – 9/6

Our first Taste for Music fundraiser event of the year will be held at Raising Canes on Tylersville, on Wednesday, September 6 from 5:00pm – 11:00pm.  Let the cashier know that you are there for the Lakota West Band fundraiser. For the band to receive the fundraising benefit, show this flyer [1] when making your purchase and they will donate 20% of the order to the Upbeat Club.  Please share with family and friends!

Concert Uniform Fitting Days  – 9/6 and 9/7

On both 9/6 and 9/7, all Concert, Symphonic and Winds students will be fitted for uniforms during their band class (Wed block day bells 1,3,5 and Thurs block day bells 2,4,6)

A letter from Uniform Co-Chair is here. [2] Please read as it contains lots of answers to how uniform fitting days will go. Winds girls needing to purchase dress and pearls, MUST being a check for $78 or pay via CHARMS. Orders must be placed this week.

Web Page with uniform information and what parents are responsible for, is here. [3]

Volunteers Needed! We need help on both fitting days from 12:30pm – 3pm. Signup Here [4]

We also need alterations and hemming help. Lots of it! Signup Here [5]

Lakota West Band Day  – 9/8

The Marching Firebirds will celebrate the up and coming students in the Lakota West Bands Program before and during the Lakota West Home Football Game on 9/8. This celebration — formerly known as Freshman Night — will put a welcoming spotlight on Ridge and Plains eighth graders, as well as Lakota West Freshmen with:

Dress Code and Equipment Needs

For rehearsals, wear a T-shirt, athletic shorts, sturdy athletic shoes and thick socks. A bottle of water, sunscreen, baseball hat and/or sunglasses are also recommended. Bring your instrument as well as a lyre and flip folder with your music.

On Friday night: Freshmen should wear the Lakota West Bands T-shirt that their parents purchased for them,as well as jeans and athletic shoes with socks. Eighth graders should wear their band polos, jeans and athletic shoes with socks. All should bring their instruments, lyres and flip folders with music.

Special Rehearsals have been added below:

See our Band Night web page for more information

Volunteer Signups and Third Quarter Refreshments

Bus Chaperones

Bus Chaperones signup  [6](Upcoming dates included are  9/16, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4) – non-overnight competitions

Third Quarter Refreshments

During the third quarter of each home game, our volunteers serve refreshments to the Marching Firebirds and the visiting team’s band members. To keep us well-stocked for third quarters, Marching Firebirds should place two two-liter bottles of lemonade or clear soda (no red, orange or dark soda, please!) and two full-sized packages of cookies (no frosted cookies, please!) in the bin outside the band room as they enter to put on uniforms:

Third Quarter Refreshments Signup [7]

Parent Volunteer Page [8]– all current sign-ups will always be posted here

Mattress Sale – 9/16 from 10am – 5pm

Save the Date! See web page [9] for more information and flyer. Friends and family can purchase a mattress from almost anywhere – for more information on how, please email  dharbin65@yahoo.com [10].

Band Trip Updates

BOA Toledo 9/22-9/23

Tickets to BOA Toledo [11]

BOA Indianapolis – 11/10-11/12

All students must sign up for this trip. It works the same as the Orlando trip registration and payment process. See web page for instructions and itinerary [12].

Tickets to BOA Indy [13]

Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Orlando – 12/28-1/2

See web page for FAQ and Itinerary. [14]  There is some important tips for those traveling seperately, as this is one of Disney’s busiest times of the year, especially on 12/31.

There is still time to add your student, or take advantage of the package for your family.
Last day to cancel is 10/29/17.
All payments due by 12/7/17.


Click here to print order form [15]. Online ordering will be available soon.

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