Student account changes as of 6/1/12

As some know, Upbeat needed to end the offering of individual student accounts last summer because we became aware that continuing them was jeopardizing our status as a 501c3 non profit.  As a result no additional funds are able to be earned to any existing accounts and we ask that existing funds be spent on qualifying expenses as soon as possible so that all accounts can be terminated.

The question keeps coming up as to why student accounts have been discontinued and if it is really necessary.  The answer is it is really necessary for a few reasons.  Student accounts clearly violate the requirement that we not provide “private or individual benefit” as an organization and that is one of the ways called out that our status can be jeopardized.  Additionally, the state of OH has passed legislation in the last 2 months to crack down specifically on school non profits due to theft, embezzlement, and misuse of funds.  There will be more regulation, auditing, and reporting required as a result.  These 2 things should bring the discussion to a rest.

For your benefit, click below to see some documentation that is available on the subject in support of this decision.  As this is a district wide issue, if you continue to have questions, please contact our chairman Peter Bartram at

Exemption Requirements 501c3

Maintaining a 501c3

Jeopardizing 501c3 status

New OH law for non profits Sept 2012