2006 Midwest Clinic – Symphonic Winds

Friday, December 22, 2006 in Chicago

The Midwest Clinic, an international band and orchestra conference held annually since 1946, is the premier event for music educators and performers each year. Thousands of directors, composers, music publishers and dealers from all 50 states and over 30 countries come to see the newest and best in musical talent. Because of the very high performance standards required and the outstanding caliber of applying bands, an invitation to perform at the Midwest Clinic is considered the highest achievement that a high school band can attain – only six are invited each year. By being selected for the second time in six years to perform at the 60th Annual Midwest Clinic, Lakota West Symphonic Winds becomes one of only two bands from the state of Ohio to perform twice.

Symphonic Winds 2006 Midwest Clinic Videos on Youtube

Skyplitter! (Vincent J. Oppido) – The Opener!

[youtube width=480]K5WFzZp3QJk[/youtube]

Finale from Symphony No. 1 in G Minor (Vasily Kalinnikov)
Including a 22 Member Antiphonal Brass Choir

[youtube width=480]xXHDcb3_GlQ[/youtube]

Video Recording by Mark Custom Recording Services, Inc.

Midwest Clinic Conductors

Greg Snyder (Director of Bands, Lakota West High School)
Chris Brandenburg (Assoc. Director of Bands, Lakota West High School)
Drews Mitchell (Director of Jazz Studies, Lakota West High School)
Professor Robert Jorgensen (Director of Bands, The University of Akron)
Dr. Stephen Gage (Director of Bands, Youngstown State University)

Midwest Clinic Program

Title Composer/Arranger Grade
Skysplitter! Vincent J. Oppido 5
No Shadow of Turning
Midwest Handbell Choir
David R. Gillingham 5
Dr. Stephen Gage, Conductor
Director of Bands, Youngstown State University
Robert Sheldon 4
Heroic Tribute James Curnow 1
Heartbeat Five
Drews Mitchell, Conductor
Director of Jazz Studies, Lakota West
Gary P. Gilroy 3
Concerto for Woodwind Quintet and Wind Symphony
II. Andante con moto
IV. Allegro moderato, ma energico
Lakota West Alumni Woodwind Quintet
Robert Russell Bennett 6
The Nutmeggers
Professor Robert Jorgensen, Conductor
Director of Bands, The University of Akron
Eric Osterling
Goin’ Home for Christmas arr. Larry Clark 2
Hebrides Suite
I. The Peat-Fire Flame
IV. The Road to the Isles
Chris Brandenburg, Conductor
Associate Director of Bands, Lakota West
Clare Grundman 3
Finale from Symphony No. 1 in G Minor
Midwest Antiphonal Brass Choir
Vasily Kalinnikov/ Banium 5

Lakota West Symphonic Winds

Chelsea Bartram
Jessica Hwang
Cameron Hammel
Rachell Buchholz
Stephanie Sieswerda
Maggie Mahlock
Chelsea Walton
Hannah Donnellan
Jessica King
Colleen Miller 

Linda Pan
Meghan Choate
Jordan Rogers

Tom Turner
Ted Anderson
Adam Hacker

Thomas Kraynak
Morgan Ferris
Jessica Cummins
Kelly Manuel
Maria Watson
Grace Perdew
Brian Wisnicwski
Katie Johnson
Emilia del Pino
Beth Miller
Alysa Gates
Caitlin Ash
Justin Baumann

Bass Clarinet
Kristen Herdman
Jaco Todd
David Burchnall 

Contra Bass Clarinet
Samantha Eckler

Alto Sax
Ryan Robe
Tawheedah Abdullah
Dana Berendt
Eric Nicolas

Tenor Sax
Tang Wymer
Drew Beaulieu

Baritone Sax
Amanda Ostendorf

Robby Moser
Jennifer Klimek
John Nelson
Brian Parido
Ian Callon
Todd McClimans
Marissa Steen
Mitch Curry
Chelso Ciotti

French Horn
Nathan Blevins
Sarah Pride
Eric Palm
Matthew Meade
Elise Boveington
Leslie Klein
Jordan Socwell

Karen Schuster
Andrew Walker
Qi Fu
Russell Bird
Kevin Kuhn 

Bass Trombone
Kevin Baumann
Matt Wells

Mackenzie Hammel

Jake Stewart
Rob Samblanet
Ben Pitonyak

Emily Carter
Jordan von Wahlde
Adam Snyder
Robert Armstrong

Daniel Suding
Tim Greenlee
Brian Williams
Matt Jewell
Starla Gooch
Adam Swan
Lisa Reisenour
Nick Rumberger

String Bass
Tessa Reinhard

Alumni Woodwind Quintet

Amanda Friedhoff – 1999 Lakota West graduate, flute
Caryn Creamer – 1999 Lakota West graduate, oboe
Raymond Santos – 2002 Lakota West graduate, clarinet
Amy Marinello – 2000 Lakota West graduate, bassoon
Robert Johnson – 2002 Lakota West graduate, horn

Midwest Handbell Choir

Dave Thomas – Lakota Staff, Elementary
Mike Peters – Lakota Staff, Elementary
Julie Fuqua – Lakota Staff, Hopewell Jr. & Elementary
Sherri Voytek – Lakota Staff, Ridge Junior
Phillip Chumley – Lakota Staff, Plains Junior
Timothy Holt – Lakota Staff, Lakota Freshman
Patricia Pride – Lakota West Parent

Midwest Antiphonal Brass Choir

Trumpet – Molly McPheron (’04 Lakota West), Jon Monroe (’01 Lakota West), Steve Monroe (Former Band Parent and Upbeat Club President), Steven Pride (Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Midwest Sectional Coach, Lakota West Parent), Alexander Pride (’05 Lakota West), Allen Schmidt (Lakota Instrumental Staff-Lakota Plains Junior School)

Trombone – Brian Botdorf (Lakota Instrumental Staff-Lakota Ridge Junior School), Ryan McClimans (’04 Lakota West), John Morgan (’03 Lakota West), Mitchell Roelecke (’03 Lakota West), Alexander Snyder (’06 Lakota West), Trevor Standish (’04 Lakota West)

French Horn – Chris Haumesser (’98 Lakota West), Robert Johnson (’02 Lakota West), Wendy Maroon Rhoads (’97 Lakota), Karen Schneider (Professional Freelance Horn, Midwest Sectional Coach), Joseph Tignor (Lakota Instrumental Staff-Hopewell Junior School and Hopewell Elementary), Catherine Turner (’04 Lakota West

Euphonium – James Harmon (’97 Lakota), Alan Nordyke (Lakota Instrumental Staff-Liberty Junior School)

Tuba – Benjamin Ammon (Graduate Assistant at Youngstown State University), Nick Dadabo (Miami University, Fairfield High School Graduate)

Symphonic Winds Midwest Clinic Audition

Spring, 2006

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (John Philip Sousa, 3.0 MB, MP3 Format)
Council Oak (David R. Gillingham, 9.3 MB, MP3 Format)

Recordings by Tri-State Productions