Lakota West Upbeat Club, P.O. Box 1637, West Chester, OH 45071-1637

Directors and Staff
Director of Bands Andy Carr | 513-874-5699, x10056
Assistant Director/Freshman Bands Colin Celek
Jazz Studies Aaron Todahl
Plains Junior Emily Brinkman | 513-644-1130, x11165
Ridge Junior Sherri Voytek | 513-777-0552, x14624
Color Guard Shelby Adkins
Kayla DiLorenzo
Upbeat Club Executive Board 2021-22
President Amy Koenes –
Co-President / Vice President Jen Best –
VP-Freshman Jennifer
Treasurer Allison Nucerino –
Secretary Emily Byers –
Upbeat Club Committee Chairs
Band Camp Coordinator(s) Cathy Henson and Jen Best
Bus Chaperones Monique Penney
Calendar Barb Warne and Rebecca Yoby
Communications Barb Warne  and Patty Hicks
Jazz ‘n Cakes – Event Lead Tracy Dawson & Gaby Thiebeau
Jazz ‘n Cakes Baskets on Main Street Shannon Ellingson
Jazz ‘n Cakes Vendors on Main Street Krystal Spahr
Mattress Sale Kim York
Photographers Shirley Lam
Pit Crew Phil Leisure, Jay Kreimer, Richard Henson
Publicity, Graphics, and Media Design Barb Warne and Patty Hicks
Solo & Ensemble Todd and Rebecca Yoby
Solo & Ensemble Concessions Phil Leisure
Spirit Wear Heather Cloud
Split the Pot Troy Miller
Sponsorship Krystal Spahr
Swing Dance Krystal Spahr
Tag Day Ginger Coffey
Taste of Music Stephanie Christian
Tech Support Michael Ellingson
Third Quarter Refreshments Kim Wells
Try Band Ginger Coffey
Uniforms – Concert Katie Smith
Uniforms – Marching Band Jennifer Himelstein
Website Content Rebecca Yoby and Barb Warne