Monday 11/20 | Hawaii Send-Off Performance | 6pm | EAST Campus Stadium – Tentative based on weather. Event will be cancelled if raining, please pay attention to communication avenues if you’re unsure.

11/21-11/28 | Hawaii Trip | Wishing all of our travelers a SAFE trip full of memories for a lifetime!

Hawaii News

Some helpful information that we want to reiterate:

  • Monday’s Send Off Performance will be cancelled if it rains. News will be shared through Charms and social media IF it is cancelled. Students WILL still need to meet to swap uniform shirts, but more information about when and where will be shared if needed.
  • Make sure your students also pick up a goody bag, a gift from the Upbeat Club, on Monday as well.
  • The Band App is the go-to for ALL Hawaii information and news. It is open to non-travelers as well if you’d like to follow along with their daily schedule. Please DO NOT use the app to engage in conversation! It needs to remain streamlined for Directors to send messages to students, staff and chaperones on the trip for information they need! If necessary, please send direct messages. It’s open & available for all to read, please do not use the general chat feature.
  • A suggested packing list can be found HERE.
  • Make sure checked luggage is LESS THAN 50 lbs. allowing space for any additional souvenir’s students may bring home. Overages fees are not covered in your trip costs. And do NOT lock your luggage.
  • Luggage tags need to have the same (First and Last) name that is on your plane ticket and need to be attached to checked luggage and ALL instrument cases.
  • If you or your student missed the trip Meeting, it is important that you (students especially) WATCH THE VIDEO REPLAY!
  • Show pants and Uniform/Garment Bags will need to be turned in after the trip. We will be collecting them the same evening as the Swing Dance. You will keep the shirt and we are asking that you WASH THE PANTS before returning. Instructions will be shared at a later time.

Winter Guard


Friday 11/17 | Varsity only Practice | 5-9pm | Creekside Gym

Saturday 11/18 | Varsity only Practice | 9am-6pm (lunch break 1-2pm) | Freshman Gym


Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Calendar Fundraiser! There are still a few days available, we would LOVE to fill every day by the end of the month!

Find details HERE.

Thank you to the following families for their support:

Ardila, Bautista, Bernthal, Bittlinger, Boger, Bramblett, Burgess, Celek, Conn, Davidson, Dawson, Dinnesen, Feagley, Gates, Gibbs, Hayes, Himelstein, Hoelscher, Hopkins, Kershaw, Koenes, Lahmann, LaRiviere, Marshall, Maxwell, Messner, Misch, Mullins, Odonnell, Pitzer, Sevic, Sherrer, Sugunan, Vance, Whitaker and Winterling.


We’re looking for some volunteers to help with the planning for the Competition happening on January 27 at West Freshman. Similar to the Marching Band Invitational, we’ll form smaller committees to handle certain areas like concessions, vendors, ticket sales, hospitality suites, parking, volunteers, etc. If you are interested, please reach out to President@LakotaWestBands.org. A walk-through of the school is planned for Saturday with leadership from Tri-State to assist with getting started.

Plenty of help will be needed the day of so keep an eye out for more information!

Competition Schedule (will be updated as schedule becomes available)

Competition hosted by Lakota West | Saturday 1/27

Swing Dance | December 8

We are getting VERY excited for our Swing Dance coming up in just 3 weeks! Some fun new changes happening this year:

  • 8th grade groups from Plains & Ridge will be performing. Our 8th grade families will receive free admission and have had communication from their schools on how to take advantage of that.
  • We’re adding an extra hour onto the event to allow for the additional performances from our Jr. High Jazz Bands.

Tickets are on sale now, purchase HERE.

  • Performers do NOT need a ticket
  • Volunteers DO need a ticket.

We’re in need of volunteers! See the details and signup HERE.

We’re in need of Food Items. See the details and signup HERE.

Taste Of Music

Our favorite Taste of Music Fundraiser is back!!!

The Krispy Kreme fundraiser starts TODAY and runs for a month. You pay $15 per dozen and 50% of each sale will be donated to Lakota West Upbeat Club!! You can share this fundraiser with friends and family out of town who can redeem their code at their local Krispy Kreme! 


2. Choose the quantity & order delicious dozens

3. Pick up your doughnuts at 370+ participating Krispy Kreme locations across the U.S.

Share the link above with your friends and family on social media to let them know they can support Lakota West Upbeat Club just by eating doughnuts! The clock starts now—let’s get started! 


We are still looking for a lead for the MATTRESS SALE. It is tentatively scheduled for the end of February.

JAZZ ‘N CAKES committee will start meeting in January. If you’re interested, you can reach out to pancake@lakotawestbands.org.

Our TRY BAND committee will also need some help with the Open House for elementary students & families, tentatively scheduled for January 25.

Any questions regarding volunteer positions can be directed to president@lakotawestbands.org.


Did you know the Upbeat Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?

If you’re looking for an organization to donate some end of year funds to, we qualify!

And you could also receive the benefits of one of our Sponsorship Levels taking advantage for a full year!

You can reach out to sponsorships@lakotawestbands.org or president@lakotawestbands.org.

Save the Dates

Honor Band Auditions |Saturday 12/2

Community Swing Dance | Friday 12/8

Holiday Band Concerts | Monday 12/11 and Tuesday 12/12

Our hearts go out to The Tuscarawas Valley Local School District and the Tusky Valley Band Program! They have posted some ways to help in this time of need if you feel inclined.