Concert Uniforms

Freshman, Concert Band, Symphonic, and Jazz Band Uniform

For Gentleman:
  • Black Dress Shoes (closed toe, Drill Masters are acceptable, no gym shoes)
  • Long Black Socks (long, not crew or short socks, no logos visible).  Socks should be long enough that no bare leg shows when student is sitting.
  • Black Dress Pants/Slacks (no jeans or sweatpants)
  • Black Belt (Plain)
  • Black Button Down Dress Shirt (long sleeves, not polo)
  • Tie (Long tie or bow tie is fine, any color allowed; black, white, and red preferable)
For Ladies:
  • Black, closed toe dress shoes (some embellishments are fine, no strong colors, no sandals, top of foot should be covered)
  • Socks/Hosiery (whatever is appropriate for the shoes you have chosen)
  • Pants or Skirt (skirts should be below the knee when standing, leggings alone are not allowed)
  • Black Blouse (many styles are acceptable, collars and lace are fine as long as they are black)
  • Hair Bows/Accessories are fine as long as they are black/white/red/silver and don’t block views

Students may wear clothing traditionally assigned to the opposite gender. All students should choose the outfit that makes them comfortable, while giving the ensemble a cohesive look.

Symphonic Winds Uniform

For the gentlemen:
  • White tuxedo shirt – students purchase on their own (one option is through Stage Accents).  Should be white, wing-tip collar, pleated front.
  • Black Cummerbund $10 – students order & pay uniform committee
  • Black Bow Tie $5 – students order & pay uniform committee
  • Black socks – students purchase on their own. Please make sure they come up high enough to cover bare legs when sitting. We do not have spares.
  • Black Shoes (drill masters, dress shoe or other closed toe shoe. No sandals. Top of foot cannot be bare)
  • Concert Tuxedo Jacket and Pants – provided by the school with a protective garment bag
For the ladies:
  • Winds dress  – provided by the school
  • Pearl necklace is $8 – students order & pay uniform committee on Fitting Day.
  • Black stockings (may use knee high style, but make sure tops do not show while sitting)
  • Black shoes (closed toe, no sandals or flip-flops)

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