Hawaii Trip Information


Find registration instructions HERE.

At this time, only register students. Registration & Deposit are due by February 15.

Packing List

A suggested packing list can be found HERE. This is still a work in progress as details are shared.

Medical Forms

School Medication Permit

Med Permit for Epi Pen

OTC Med Permit

Consent for Medication Administration

Self-Management request for a student with diabetes

Costs & Payment Schedule

Student Quad Package Price $3,895.00
2/15/2023 – Non-Refundable Deposit $433.00
3/15/2023 $433.00
4/15/2023 $433.00
5/15/2023 $433.00
6/15/2023 $433.00
7/15/2023 $433.00
8/15/2023 $433.00
9/15/2023 $433.00
10/15/2023 – Balance +/- $431.00

Informational Meeting

Watch a video from the 1/23 meeting HERE.

Slides shared at meeting.


Tuesday 11/21 – Departure

Friday 11/24 – Parade

Tuesday 11/28 – Return


Applications due Saturday, March 11

Notifications will be made on Tuesday, March 14.

Band App

Join the group on Band which will be how Directors communicate regarding the trip.

Get instructions HERE.


Have the dates changed? We were told Sunday to Sunday but the listed dates are Tuesday to Tuesday.

The dates of the trip are Tuesday 11/21 – Tuesday 11/28. Return flight departs Hawaii on Nov. 27th.

When will the ‘follower’ packages be available?

The school would first like the base of the chaperones and students registered and determined before deciding on offering the package to parents and followers. They are hoping to make this decision by March 15th. Once the decision is made, the availability to do a land only package will be communicated to families at that time.

When will we know specifics around air travel?

March 15

Can Gateway wave the $11 fee associated with each transaction?

These fees are not charged for check payments received via regular mail.

What is included in the cost of the trip? Will there be an itemized breakdown of charges per student give prior to deposit?

Please see this flyer for inclusions.

What is not included in the trip?

Averages to one meal a day ranging in price from $15-$20 (approx); souvenirs; optional rental equipment on the hotel premises; additional personal items your student wishes to purchase.

Can a single payment be made vs monthly?

Yes, you can pay the entire balance of the trip at any time. The monthly payment schedule is provided to help spread out the payments over the next few months. As a reminder, if you would like to purchase the CFAR insurance this must be done before you pay for the trip in full.

During the pandemic, Hawaii had some of the strictest Covid protocols. How will Gateway manage potential restrictions and will vaccinations be required?

No restrictions were in place for the groups participating in the 2022 Waikiki Holiday Parade this past November, any new or updated restrictions will be addressed if needed.

Do the places where the kids will be able to go swimming in the ocean have lifeguards?

All beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. Most beaches in Waikiki do have lifeguard stations. Specifically at Secret Island, one of the included activities, there are lifeguards on duty.

Cost projections were made on the current economy. If the economy changes between now and the trip and prices are reduced, will adjustments be made in the total fee?


General Information:

What is the difference between Season 1 and Season 2?

Season 1 is the traditional marching band season, beginning with band camp and concluding with the last marching band performance (Super Regionals in St. Louis for East and Super Regionals in Indianapolis for West).  Season 2 is the Hawaii marching band season. Season 1 is required for participation in Season 2.

Is there flexibility around the Feb 15 commitment deadline and the non-refundable $433 payment?

Yes, it is possible to register for the trip after the February 15th commitment date. You will just need to make up the payments that were missed.


If a parent wants to go, do we add ourselves to the gateway and if we do, is that parent considered a chaperone?

At this point in time, only students should register for the trip. The band directors will communicate the process by which the chaperones will be selected and when they can register.

How many chaperones are needed from each school?

11 from East; 11 from West for a total of 22 chaperones.

Where can we get information if we want to serve as a chaperone?

Please contact an Upbeat Club Board representative who will direct you to the appropriate person. Upbeat Club Board members can be found on the respective band websites. West application and details can be found HERE and due no later than March 11.

What are the expectations of a chaperone for this trip?
  1. Keep students safe and accounted for at all times (including moving students through the airports)
  2. Making sure students get where they need to be when they need to be with what they need.
  3. Helping to make sure students have a great time on the trip; deal with all situations that arise calmly, quickly and with confidence
What is the cost for a chaperone?

Chaperones will pay the same price as the quad student rate .


Can scholarship funds be used for this trip?

Scholarship funds were established as a need based financial assistance program for Lakota Marching band fees and will not be utilized for the Hawaii trip since it is completely voluntary.

Will the respective Upbeat Clubs be active in fundraising to lower the cost of this trip?

Yes, the Upbeat clubs are actively working to reduce the fees associated with Season 1 and overall financial burden for all our marching band families.  Additionally, the clubs are actively seeking corporate sponsorships to cover specific aspects of the trip. If you are aware of corporations who would be willing to sponsor portions of the cost, please contact a member of the Lakota Upbeat clubs.

Will the school district be able to assist with cost given that this is a school sponsored trip?

No, the district will not be subsidizing this trip since it is solely a volunteer opportunity.

I am the parent of a current 8th grade student. How do I get the most up-to-date information for Season 1?

Pre-season meetings will be held in February. Pertinent information will be shared at that time from your Junior School Band Directors.